Bonjour! Welcome to the castle! Pleased to meet you Mademoiselles and Monsieurs. I'm Belle. I was born in the provincial town of Alsace, France and raised by my wonderful father, Maurice Sagnier. Perhaps you've heard of him? He's a brilliant inventor. I lived there until I was seventeen where I met my husband, Prince Adam Charlamagne and although it wasn't love at first sight we are living happily ever after here in Strasbourg with our beautiful daughter, Ella Charlotte and our sweet new little prince, Erik Christophe. Though being a princess and foremost a wife and mother is demanding I love to read in my very limited spare time and I very much enjoy cooking when the servants allow me to of course. So please be our guests, make yourselves at home and do let me know if I can help you with anything.


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"Can you not?" ~I give you moody Belle cause they've been way too happy lately~

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"Forgive me for trying to get you out of this sour mood, darling." He put up his hands in a defensive manner before taking a few steps back.

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Belle’s frown deepened as she watched her husband try at first to joke his way out of this. They didn’t fight often, but they had enough that Belle knew his routine. He’d try to easily slip out of it with a sly joke and a laugh and when that wouldn’t work he moved onto endearing pet names. “Don’t darling me.” Belle said, angrily bursting out of her chair. “You don’t mean to worry or upset me, but you do and you know you do. You just admitted you knew that it did and yet you don’t care! What a fantastic marriage this is.” She moved away from where he was and decided to go do something productive. You could always tell Belle was angry when she started cleaning and cleaning things that were already spotless. This time she’d taken to the kitchen where she started scrubbing down the kitchen table and counters all while still rambling. “Well if we’re not caring anymore why don’t I just head next door and go out to dinner with Greg. He’s asked enough times. Would that upset you, Bert?”

Bert was stunned at her outburst and her accusation of home not caring. “I do care Belle, don’t ever for a second think that I don’t.” He told her as she walked away, he got up and followed her. “‘Ow would I feel if you went out to dinner with Greg? I would be upset, angry even, because I do care Belle, I’m sorry.” He placed his hands on top of hers to get her to look at him. “I’m sorry.” He apologized, quieter this time and bit scared as to how she would react to him being this close to her when she was furious with him.

"You do?" Belle asked, continuing , refusing to allow herself to cry. "Because lately it doesn’t seem that way." She’d given up yelling. Her tone was softer now, more hurt now than angry. He’d lied to her and that wasn’t something she took lightly. He’d never lied to her before, why now? She paused, looking down as soon as she felt his hand atop hers. Part of her wanted to pull hers away, but with a sigh she didn’t move and finally glanced up to him. "I am too, Bert."

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Top 10 Disney Reprises (As Voted by my Followers):
#1. Belle (Reprise) - Beauty and the Beast

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william’s silver linings - catherine & george ♡ (2010-2014)

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Name: Belle Sagnier

Age: 17

Status: Single

Verse: There Must Be More Than This Provincial Life (Pre-BatB)

» Belle resides in the provincial town of Alsace, France with her father, Maurice. Outcast by her community Belle tends to keep to herself busy by caring for her father and the cottage, indulging in her most treasured belongings: Her books, and avoiding the town narcissist, Gaston.

No Adam ♦ No Castle ♦ No Children

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❝ You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire. ❞

It’s summer time once again, as we had our beach trip last year, this time around we’re going camping! Tents, sleeping bags, outhouses and all. We’ll be roughing it from Sunday the third to Saturday the ninth, with more info to come on the event, so make sure to look out for that! 

  • This even will be going on within the DCRP Chatroom as well as threads. Make sure to tag everything relevant to the event under DCRP Event and DCRP Camping Trip in order for other members to be able to track your posts, and make it easier to interact with everyone in the group. If you’re going to change anything from your typical representation, please also tag it under DCRP Camping Trip before the event starts.

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"Hello, stranger. How has life been treating you?" He smiled warmly at his old friend.

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"Monsieur Phoebes?" Belle asked, pleasantly surprised to see him. "I’ve been very well, merci." She said with a bright smile. "And what about yourself? You’ve been well I hope?"


Belle’s brightened smile only dimmed as her invitation was declined. He was anything but a burden. An old, dear friend, but never a burden. Still, Belle wouldn’t think of pressing the issue further, she knew he must have had his reasons. “You would be nothing of the sort, but the offer still stands. Promise me you’ll use it if you need to.” She assured him and it would be. The castle was open to him if ever he should need it. Her smile returned as Phoebes continued the conversation. It was hard to say the least as a doting mother not to beam at the mention of her little ones. They had brought her such immense those two fast-passing years. “I’ve learned not to plan for anything.” Belle chuckled. “Because in almost every case, fate has it’s own ideas in mind.” Announcing that she had not only one child, but two in only two years made Belle realize how wonderfully insane her life had become. That was never the plan, but in all honesty nothing had gone as planned for Belle since she was a teenager.

"Soldiers promise." He smiled weakly, crossing an x over his heart like he used to whenever he used the phrase with her. "Hey…if it’s not too much of an imposition, I was wondering…how do things look for you for the rest of the day?" Suddenly he realized where he was and who he was talking to and waved the thought away with a jerk of his hand. For God’s sake, she was married. ”On second thought, the little one’s probably need their mother, huh?”

Soldier’s promise. She remember it well. He’d made a few of them to her in the past and each promise had been fulfilled without a second thought. It was how she’d learned to trust him so easily, something she didn’t usually do. “The rest of my day?” Belle repeated with a raise of her brow. She had to think for a moment just to be sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. For once her schedule had seemed fairly open. “My husband has the children in Monaco today.” She explained, returning her attention to him with a smile. “So my day seems to be rather uneventful until they return around dinnertime.”

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