"Bonjour! Welcome to the castle! Pleased to meet you Mademoiselles and Monsieurs. I'm Belle. I was born in the provincial town of Alsace, France and raised by my wonderful father, Maurice Sagnier. Perhaps you've heard of him? He's a brilliant inventor. I lived there until I was seventeen where I met my husband, Prince Adam Charlamagne and although it wasn't love at first sight we are living happily ever after here in Strasbourg with our beautiful daughter, Ella Charlotte and our sweet new little prince, Erik Christophe. Though being a princess and foremost a wife and mother is demanding I love to read in my very limited spare time and I very much enjoy cooking when the servants allow me to of course. So please be our guests and make yourselves at home."
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"Time to respond to some of these letters I’ve been putting off. I got one from Gaston. Oh my."

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#Pfft what to write to Gaston #That is the question #the magic mirror #themagicmirror

  1. wowyourfaceisrottinggaston said: Just tell him how awesome he is. It’s the only thing he understands anyway.
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